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The world is changing, and the way we do business is changing with it.

We build so you dont have to.

An expanding Pan - Africa network infrastructure technology group with capabilities across 7 countries. We are bridging the digital divide across Africa and working together to adapt and emerge stronger through innovation and technology-driven solutions.

We do everything possible to ensure better solutions, better sustainability and smarter cities.

We create solutions that last through a rigorous understanding of our client's needs, project planning, and continuous development.

Our reputation is built on business conduct that is both professional and transparent when designing and implementing IT solutions that maximise our clients return on investment.

We assist our partners in delivering engineered ICT communication solutions that matter to millions of their customers.

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Built on Relationships.

Our philosophy is to treat each client, not as number one but as the only one.

We have built a relationship of trust with our partners, from both the public to the private sector, across all industries; we focus on Africa innovation and connectivity solutions.

We believe communications is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and reduce inequality.

We partner with telecommunications service providers and ISPs across Africa, assisting them to serve their customers and to build and operate networks to service enterprises with end-to-end ICT solutions.

Supporting Your #1

Impacting the African continent, expanding our footprint, and continuing to support.

People at the Core
Projects in Action
Purpose as the Drive

Built to Trust. Keeping Your Providers Connected. Those that you rely on rely on us.


To provide safe power and communication services. Maintaining and building the ICT infrastructre so you can get connected and stay connected.

We consult, design, implement, distribute and monitor intelligent distrubuted digital infrastructure.

We strive to be the leading and trusted company that provides a full spectrun of IT services. We aim to be the leading information and communcations technology solutions provider in the regions in which we represent. We connect everyone and everything while enriching the lives of every customer we serve.

Our philosophy.

Treat each client not as number one but as the only one.

We have built a relationship of trust with our partners, from both the public to the private sector, across all industries.

We focus on Africa innovation and connectivity solutions.

We believe communications is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and reduce inequality.

Thank you to our channel partners for your support.

Independent Advisory and Consulting

Transformation and Innovation Advisory

Management consulting with a pronounced technology edge.

Ariel Technologies is a Communications Infrastructure integration company, completely focused on the African continent. With skilled personnel who have conducted business, and implemented projects in Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, DRC, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Niger, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and many more.

We are best positioned to deliver well managed infrastructure projects for new and existing operators.
Key Facts

Ariel Technologies only employs skilled personnel who have extensive and detailed experience of working in many African countries.

Ariel Technologies management team is drawn from executives from the largest and most successful Telecoms and IT infrastructure companies in Africa.

In keeping with our focus on delivering the best possible technical and project management service, Ariel Technologies logistics functions are outsourced as the Technology equipment Distribution and Logistics company and delivers across Africa. Products and solutions offered by Ariel Technologies include:

Wireless Communications.
Optical Systems.
Microwave Systems.
Broadband Networks.
Base Station Infrastructure.
Network Management Services.

In order to maintain absolute focus in the various areas of specialization, Ariel Technologies has two main Communications Infrastructure offerings, namely Enterprise Core, and Telco Edge Infrastructure.

With our strategic alliances and experience throughout Africa, Ariel Technologies can offer complete Communication Infrastructure solutions including finance, equipment supply, consulting, installation, commissioning and support to assist service providers with the rapid roll out of their networks.

The Ariel Technologies Infrastructure Division provides operators with the ability to integrate and operate networks rapidly by deploying highly skilled and experienced technical engineering and project management staff. These specialised staff will work with our in-country staff and partners to ensure that the deadlines are met in an efficient but cost-effective manner.

We have earned our reputation by assisting clients in navigating and solving their data-related business challenges. As data grows with complexity, we assit organisations govern, securing, finding, analysing and rapidly making sense of Innovative technology, expert services, and tenacious problem-solving to provide our regional clients with secure and repeatable solutions.

Organisations rely on us to maintain regulatory compliance, reduce legal and IT costs, protect sensitive materials and organisational data from creating business value.

Unlock your true digital potential with our expertise.

A clear transformation strategy can drive your company's sustainable growth. Our consulting methodology assists customers to drive transformation across the digitalisation spectrum, from network design to network deployment.

We provide an efficient and value-added Information and Communications Technology (ICT) end to end service to the public and private sector in a secure, cost-effective and integrated manner, contributing to citizen convenience.

Ariel Technologies was established in 1992 and partnered with leading providers such as Arivia.kom (now T-Systems) and other stategic joint ventures to support, consolidate, coordinate, and expand SADC development by working with the State and leading South African utility providers and ensuring power and communication resources and their availability throughout the country and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to create value through excellent service, incremental efficiency demand generation, relevant skills, and market access.
We focus on cultural respect for our diversity and aspirations of all stakeholders and commitment to ongoing innovation of our offerings.

We exist to achieve cost savings through scale, increase delivery capabilities and enhance interoperability.

Through privatisation and consolidation of significant service-focused companies, Ariel is committed to leveraging Information Technology (IT) as a strategic resource for Government and enterprises managing the IT and procurement delivery process to ensure support of e-Government services to all citizens.

Ariel is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of networked products and services the Government and its registered, regulated service provider partners.

Ariel remains committed in all its engagements to adhere to the Government's "IT House of Values", aiming to achieve reduced costs, increased productivity and increased service to our citizens.

Our strategic communications division designs and executes communications strategies and public affairs support for clients facing technological reputational challenges.

We serve as trusted advisors to boards of directors and management teams at companies of all sizes and every growth stage.

Our team assists in navigating through moments of transition while delivering a consistent and credible corporate narrative to the market.

We are a leading provider of digital business transformation solutions, with a wealth of experience offerings to assist and guide organisations on their digital journey. Ariel has become a trusted advisor for some of the biggest brands in South Africa and Botswana through our expertise in people and technology. Our solutions are customised, integrated and personal, implemented by open, honest, and passionate people and backed by a professional consulting team.

Ariel operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. Ariel is one of teh regions largest IT and Telecommunications service provider and consistently improve the business competitiveness of our customers in industry sectors spanning telecommunications, services and finance, public healthcare as well as manufacturing.

We optimise processes and cut costs for our clients, providing them with additional flexibility within their core business activities, unwavering commitment to business partners in the telecommunications industry, to build a solid communications platform for our operations, service providers and resellers to operate on, and as a value-added distributor of leading global brands, providing complex ICT solutions to the Carrier, Enterprise and SME markets.

Our services encompass all information and communications technology value chain levels, spanning from ICT infrastructure and ICT solutions, up to and including business process management.
Ariel Consulting forms your single point of contact for your communication needs.

We provide a projects and Consulting service to design solid backbone networking as the infrastructure of wired and wireless connectivity solutions; We work with town planners and Carriers to provide the towers and cabling to reach the datacenters to house the network infrastructure in and the network that you use every day to traverse data.

By collaborating with multiple ISPs and vendors, we take an independent approach to sourcing, building and managing converged communication networks, allowing us to deliver next-generation solutions that are best of the breed while remaining vendor-neutral.

Combined with a diverse and carrier network adding significant value to our clients.

Client-focused and providing additional value-added services are vital in organizations technology requirements.

Our Consulting Division continues to grow and combines a passion and enthusiasm for the ever-expanding industry. Each member has unique experience and proficiencies, with many having spent over a decade in the ICT industry. Our projects team are exceptionally well trained in addressing client needs.

Our unified engineering staff provides expert support to our clients and forms a core IT team.


As an engineering-driven business with the best people and an extensive body of knowledge, we provide a range of local service and support solutions. As a responsible integration partner and supplier to the growing IP convergence industries, distributing and supporting technologies such as Wireless Broadband, Wi-Fi, Networking, Routing, VoIP, IoT, Fibre, Access Control and IP Video.

We only supply best-of-breed products deliver strong pre and after-sales technical support, internationally-certified training, as well as finance solutions to our customers.

We strive to be a catalyst in the channel's transformation by improving our relevance to the market by continuously improving our people, processes, systems, products, and services. We believe that our transformation is only through ecosystems, enabling our channel to transcend technology to actual digital value creation.

Supporting our channeL

A streamlined logistics, governance and compliance, supply chain as well as combined with a world-class warehouse management system, gives our customers the ability to rely on us efficiently.


Our warehousing facility includes inbound and outbound inventory management.

Our warehouse can stock over 40 000 pieces of ICT equipment and a fleet to deliver.


4000sqm high security facility in Botswana


We have our own fleet, payloads ranging from 500kg – 8ton. Logistics Forward and Reverse national capabilities, warehousing, rollouts, and infrastructure relocations.

Sales Clients

Colleges, Schools, Listed Companies, Small Businesses, Computer Dealers, Smaller Refurbishes, NGO/NPOs, Parts Dealers, IT Maintenance Contractors. Services Clients IT Manufacturers, Government Departments, Banks, Finance Houses, Multinational Corporations, Listed Companies.


Established full time staff complement.

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Networking, Cloud and Digital, Edge, Core, Sofware and Services

A intergration solution parter as unique as your business innovative functionalities.

Our solutions offer companies numerous opportunities for more growth, efficiency, and the development of new business models.

To leverage this potential, companies need a partner that meets the requirements of their business as well as tailored IT infrastructure. Whether private, public, or hybrid. We support you in choosing the optimal solution and the right provider.

In addition, we advise you on all questions relating to IT security, scalability, and new features.

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful support partner across SADC. We strive towards this goal by being the most valued channel for our partners and by contributing to the growth and profitability of our shareholders, staff, vendors, channel partners and their customers.

We orchestrate people, systems, processes, and technology to work together and better our clients businesses.

Our solutions in cloud computing, connectivity, communications, data centres, and security assists organisations of any size, in any sector, using technology effectively to do things better. We do that by applying the three guiding principles that have always defined us: create for the community, build for better, and deliver with the best technology.

Our customers are the heart of what we do.

Our objective is simple: to connect people using the power of the Internet. Because when you connect with people, great things happen. By partnering with Ariel Technologies, you will also have the most innovative technical, creative, scientific, and commercial talent working with you developing creative out the box innovative connectivity thinking, energy and enthusiasm to develop innovative solutions and support your cloud journey.

We deliver with the best because we have the best partnerships. We see what needs to be done, and we have the people with diverse skills obsessed with making it happen quickly and efficiently.

Your network performance is as important as our own; we do this without compromising on quality so that you can benefit from the best technology, infrastructure, and world-class partnerships.

Alongside our data centre services, we bring together comprehensive solutions comprising network connectivity, cloud services, ICT services, network monitoring, project management and much more. A wide variety of service capabilities enables us to provide a one-stop solution for our customers to optimise overall operations and thus focus on their core competencies.

We remain considerate of the interests of the society, conforming to ethical standards as defined by the law, regulations, internal policies and procedures and the requirements of our stakeholders, including dedication to the promises we make.

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Power, Infrastructure and Connectivity

Our Integration business unit.

Our customers are typically owners and operators of significant asset-based businesses such as commercial and industrial firms across sub-Saharan Africa projects ranging from telecoms, power, mining and water.

Botswana Power Corporation has embarked on a strategic journey to become a competitive commercial power utility within the responsive and customer-focused region. Ariel supports the network and country infrastructure provisioning the state-owned electricity utility, strongly supported by the government, through application distribution, whether it is ensuring power for your network equipment or power distribution through the leading mobile. We will ensure that you get connected and stay connected.

We offer application engineering solutions to optimise Africa's transmission, distribution and power solutions.

We offer a range of diverse power system solutions through local application engineering to Africanize leading global technology systems into customised solutions that optimise local powered systems that ensure communications. From Generators to solar, we keep communications on

We are committed to being outstanding local solutions and service provider, with the utmost integrity, providing exceptional services to meet the needs of both our principles and customers.

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