We create solutions.

Working together to adapt and emerging stronger through inniovation and technology driven solutions. Doing everything possible to ensure better solutions, better sustainability and smarter cities.

We create solutions that last because of a rigorous understanding of our client's needs, project planning, and continuous development. Our reputation is built on business conduct that is both professional and transparent when designing and implementing IT solutions that maximise clients' return on investment.

We assist our partners in delivering engineered ICT communication solutions that matter to millions of their customers.

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Keeping things together in one place with My Ariel Money, Access your account, pay your bills, activate plans, download the app, and most importantly, top-up securely online.

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Re enventing the way our partners approach business.

Hand held Ruggazied GPRS device.

Once you have signed up with us a vending reseller.

o You will receive a ruggedised GPRS unit together with a step by step guide and user training.

o You can now place your first order.

1. Once the payment has been authorised, you will be notified that the amount has been credited to the unit.

2. Before you start the sales for the day, check and print out your starting balance or, if you prefer, at the end of the day's trade.

3. Start selling airtime by accessing the menu function on the unit.

4. Select (1) vend vouchers and choose from any listed partners.

5. Select your countries denomination.

Choose either to print or to display your virtual voucher.

6. An encrypted GPRS connection is secured and data transferred to a server in a secured localised data centre via strategic telecoms towers, your unique voucher details are transferred back to the unit via a data link encryption, and a unique encrypted bar code voucher is printed.

7. When the cash up report is run at the end of the day, the report will display the amount sold and your profit generated for the day so that you can balance with the cash in the till.

8. Reset the cash up on the unit, making the unit ready for the next trading shift.

We have built a relationship of trust with our partners, from both the public to the private sector. We focus on Africa's innovation and connectivity solutions across all industries.

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Data Vouchers, built for customer experience.

Buy or sell data directly from a mobile device using the virtual terminal app or from ourtraditional Ruggadized GPRS terminals availble at select convienient partner locations.

Ariel Mobile Voucher Purchase as easy as 1,2, 3

The online system can be accessed via a mobile or computer or from our terminals. Buy or sell services directly from your mobile or computer.

1. Simply login to your secure RTS ice Cloud customer portal to top up your virtual wallet.
2. Next, Enter your username.
3. Enter your 17 digit Personal Edenfield (PIN )Number.

Redeem Voucher
Once the Pin is Authenticated, Select the on-screen prompts.

1. Select “Redeem Voucher” found on the right-hand side of the home screen found under options.

Your Balance

Your remaining balance is now displayed under your personal details section.

To purchase a Voucher, select Home >
1. Select the Prover required.


Botswana Power Corporation.

2. Select the payment denomination or value requested.

3. Select Buy Now
Your voucher will then be displayed on the screen and saved under the history under Options.

Return to Home to vend another voucher.

To Purchase a voucher. Select "Home" Click here to top up your wallet.

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