Technology for Good.

"Commited to sustainable growth"

Ariel Technology recognises its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) to its customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders. It is committed to conducting business to achieve sustainable growth whilst fulfilling legal and moral obligations.

Our business objectives are achieved in a caring and responsible manner that recognises the business activities' economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Accordingly, our business strategy includes integrating and responding to communities' social, developmental, and educational needs.

We strive to make a positive impact, alleviate hardships in some instances, and enable economic growth. We support education, health, and the youth of tomorrow are through education and improving the environment and facilities that enhance and enrich lives through technology-based projects.

We invest in our country's future by focusing on sustainable technology-based initiatives that impact the communities we support.

By focusing on telecommunications infrastructure critical to sustaining community members' lives and livelihoods, we help build an economically sound society. This has a long-term, deep and sustainable impact on the identified communities, becoming productive contributors to Africa's economic growth.

Our commitment to skills development stems from our belief that a lack of skills perpetuates poverty and inequality. Skills development will boost the economy by reducing unemployment, improving productivity and raising living standards.

We believe enterprise supplier development (ESD) can be a powerful instrument of change as Africa's small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute a significant portion of GDP and employ most of our labour force. Investing in ESD unlocks the growth potential of SMEs, promoting economic transformation while leading to job creation, poverty reduction and establishing sustainable communities.

We promote socio-economic development and consumer education as we believe it builds capacity within our broader society and plays a role in broadening the base of the economy.

We believe the best people to help disadvantaged communities are the community members themselves. They can solve their problems if they have the proper support knowledge and skillset.

Helping communities help themselves can be achieved by providing people with the skills, tools, and resources to integrate into the mainstream economy.