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 How to Top-Up your wallet

Electronic Fund Transfer or Direct Deposit
Bank Details

Bank Gaborone:
Account Name: Ariel Technologies
Bank: Bank of Gaborone
Branch: Main Mall
Account No: 8000651802
Branch/Sort Code: 200-667

Stanbic Bank Account Name: Billpay & Virtual Solutions
Bank: Stanbic Bank
Branch: Kgale
Account No: 9060000707843
Branch/Sort Code: 06-01-67

Important: as a reference, you must use your username as provided on your Options page, otherwise we will be unable to allocate your payment appropriately. From an Ariel Technologies Terminal - (Available from 01/10/2017)

Simply purchase an ATB-MOBI voucher from our terminals to the value that you require.

Enter the 19 digit pin in the redeem voucher pin area listed on your Options page, then press the Redeem button. Refresh your screen, or click the Options button to see your updated balance.